How To Register And Check In Fish

  • Anglers must register each day before they fish. Anglers may only be registered at one station at a time. (See rules and regulations for complete official rules)
  • Registration forms are available 24 hrs a day; at a registration site - from a technician during posted operation hours, or after hours from the station nightbox.
  • Registration forms from a nightbox are date-stamped for anglers wanting to fish and submit their catch the following day.
  • Fish caught while registered at a station must be returned to that station, during its hours of operation, on the date stamped on the registration form.
  • When an angler submits fish for payment, they may also register for the next calendar day. Again, all anglers must register for each day they plan to fish.


  • Anglers may only submit fish for payment at the station where they registered for that day.
  • Anglers may only submit fish for payment during that station´s posted hours of operation.
  • Vouchers will be issued by the technician for qualifying Northern Pikeminnow 9 inches or larger.
  • Anglers who do not register at a station prior to fishing may not submit fish for rewards and will not be issued a voucher.


  • Anglers must fully complete and sign their voucher before mailing it to the reward payment address. Pre-addressed envelopes are available.
  • All first-time participants must also include an IRS form W-9 when submitting their first voucher (s) for payment.
  • Vouchers must be received no later than Nov. 15, 2023 to receive a reward payment.
  • Vouchers in dispute must be resolved by a program official no later than Nov. 15, 2023 or the voucher or receipt becomes null and void.
  • No vouchers from a prior year will be paid after the Nov. 15th deadline for the year it was issued.
  • Checks will be mailed in a timely manner once vouchers have been received.


  • A special tag voucher will be issued for any qualifying pikeminnow that displays an external spaghetti tag marked by the pikeminnow program.
  • All registration and check-in rules also apply to specially tagged fish.
  • Anglers must mail special tagged vouchers to the address which is printed on the tag voucher in the envelope provided, along with the external tag.
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will authenticate all tags submitted for payment before forwarding them on to the pikeminnow payment office.
  • Qualifying special tagged fish are paid at $500 each.

Update: Starting in 2022, the first 25 Northern Pikeminnow submitted for a reward voucher in one season are now worth $6 each; after 25, they're worth $8 each; and after 200 they're worth $10 each. Special tagged Northern Pikeminnow will be worth $500 again this year.

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